Wine is all about taste.

And about tasting


Our Philosophy | Vino & Co | Ibiza

Who said that wine shops should be boring? Wine is fun! So shopping for wine is fun! As the existence of Vino & Co results from a hobby that spans nearly 30 years, it is our sport to find wines that have a good relation between quality and price. So, you won’t find the big brands with us.

What can you find instead? We are looking for quality wines from modern bodegas, usually ‘the sons of’, who have gathered their knowledge and techniques in the new world. And nowadays are producing beautiful wines, more accessible and based on fruit, where earlier generations were focussed on producing more wine, less quality. Therefore lifting bulky table wines up to highly appreciated and acclaimed top wines for fair prices. And these are the wines you’ll find in the shelves of Vino & Co.

Our assortment follows the tendencies in the world of wine. Nearly all of our wines have high ratings from wine critics, Spanish and international, and a lot of them are available at star restaurants.

Our wines are conducive to the long and hot Ibiza summer. We are specialists in crispy fresh whites, rosés and bubbles, thirst quenching and refreshing, like a summer shower (that we all long for on Ibiza and never comes). Also our red wines, the classics or modern, have this drinkable DNA. More fruit, less spices and oak and therefore more drinkable. Then again, if you’re looking for the big and heavy ones, the ones that make you dozy, we have a special corner for them too.

However, all of this doesn’t make buying wine difficult, because at the end of the day it’s only ‘do you like it or not’. And that’s exactly why tasting is so important to us. In the shop, at the bar, at our events, like our annual Festival de Vino. And it is our concept to sell wine in all quantities: by the glass, the bottle, the case or, if you wish, even by the pallet.