Albet i Noya Chardonnay Col.lecció

////Albet i Noya Chardonnay Col.lecció

Albet i Noya Chardonnay Col.lecció

Year: 2015
Domain: Albet i Noya
Region: Penedés
Type: Organic

22.40  IVA incl.

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Beautifully oaked Chardonnay. One of the best from Spain.

Out of stock

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Clean, bright and clear. Nose: clean toasty notes, light creamy memories. Delicate and very suggestive. Mouth: volume and body to be a target. A very balanced and interesting wine.


Grilled chicken or pork, fish in rich sauce, mushrooms.

Alcohol content

14 %

Serve Temperature

6º - 8ºC


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