Peña el Gato Natural

////Peña el Gato Natural

Peña el Gato Natural

Year: 2016
Domain: Juan Carlos Sancha
Region: Rioja
Type: Natural

23.60  IVA incl.

Natural Garnacha by the Professor from the Rioja

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Juan Carlos Sancha is the professor of enology at the University of Rioja. There he teaches young winemakers how to make wine. This particular one comes from his family owned winery, which he inherited from his grandfather. This isn’t one of those dusty barrels with loads of woody flavours and tough tannins, but a wine that presents a soft fruitiness and makes the garnacha shine. Do give it some air when you just opened the bottle. A masterpiece!


Game, red meat, rare steak.

Alcohol content

14 %

Serve Temperature

16º - 18ºC


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