Bread & Wine




Vino&Co’s quest for great bread in Ibiza to accompany our dishes on the Friday Wine Bar Nights we host in the winter season.

Already a well known combination since the start of time, it’s even mentioned in the Bible; a blessing from the Promised Land consisting of grain and wine (Deuteronomy 7:13 – Jeremiah 31:12 – Joel 2:19… etc…); and they are both symbols of prosperity… But try to find here in Ibiza good quality (and affordable) bread or wine. The latter we have solved adequately about ten years ago, but bread still remains to be an issue.

Wagyu @ Vino & Co - Ibiza

Normally this doesn’t really concern me really, there’s plenty of other things to pair wine with, but in the winter season we also run a wine bar and there it’s important to have great bread to share on the table and to accompany the other dishes on the menu.So a new quest originated, the quest to find the best bread on the island!

So already for four years we visit every bakery and supermarket on the promised island and take an assortment from each to try, but we never really found something that tickled our tastebuds. When on the mainland there is a huge offer of healthy and nutritious artisanal bread to be found, Ibiza lags a little behind.Now at the start of the winter season there’s hope at the horizon, in the shape of a new artisanal bakery a few streets down in the village of Sant Jordi.

At Pancarte, the new place to be in the village, they use organic flour, milled in the old fashioned way at a mill, milled in between two historic stones (one of these mills is from 1261). In this way, the grain is slowly turned into flour and the structure and the nutritional value stays in tact.  The base of the bread is the mother dough, made in March of this year and formed of the above flour with pure water and a lively yeast and bacterias that together make sure there’s an excellent taste, smell, and structure to the final product.

Finally we have found great artisanal bread on the island, not some sort of half product or industrial creation.

Bread, the great accompaniment to any meal, whether it’s cheese, butter, olive oil or smoked meats, tomato or any sort of dip or a meal on it’s own. I would nearly forget to say, it’s also an amazing friend to a glass of wine (it doesn’t matter of what colour).

Mark 14:22   He broke the bread…

Luca Rossi ( Private Chef) - Ibiza
Luca Rossi ( Private Chef) - Ibiza
Luca Rossi ( Private Chef) - Ibiza
Luca Rossi ( Private Chef) - Ibiza