Erik Rosdahl – Laboratorio Rupestre |
Tasting – 25.05.19

A wine by Rosdahl never disappoints…

After two long years, the time had finally come again here, at Vino & Co. Erik Rosdahl is coming over with the boat from the Peninsula and in his trunk the vintages 2016, 2017 and 2018 of his wines.
Rosdahl’s creations belong, in my humble opinion, to the top wines of Spain. Not made with the most modern techniques, but with the ancient methods they used to use.
He himself is not too complicated about it either, he just makes wine.
In between the tasting of the different bottles and vintages, the conversation flows from life on the farm, to the big philosophers, his neighbours and the visiting of restaurants where he sells his wine directly (all with a star or two).
His wines are then also not for every day easy drinking and they have a little price tag, but if you compare that price to a few long drinks in a fancy club, these bottles are worth every cent.
The wines of Laboratorio Rupestre are full bodied, packed with fruit but elegant, silky soft, supple like a painting of one of Ruben’s females, naked on a chaise lounge. A pleasure to look at and to smell, and even God and his son are close.
Just enough acidity at the end to give it a good drinkability, and slowly I drown in my thoughts of what I should be eating…
Greedy and curious for the next bottle, of a different vintage and a different grape variety, I have no doubt it will be another showstopper. A wine by Rosdahl never disappoints.

By Jeroen Hamersma

“Grape picking is like a theatre play. I can not trust someone to do the picking for me, it would be like having a sick lead actor. It doesn’t work, it’s out of balance.” E.R.

Gallery Photo – May 25th 2019