Viñas del Cámbrico 575 Uvas

////Viñas del Cámbrico 575 Uvas

Viñas del Cámbrico 575 Uvas

Viñas del Cambrico

22.60  IVA incl.

Bio power!

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The Rufete is one of the main grapes of this wine and it’s a variety that is only grown in the region of Salamanca and in Portugal. Most of the wines made by this grape are drunk young without having touched oak, but this wine is an exception and is therefor also blended with a Tempranillo and a touch of Calabres. A big boy with a lot of red ripe fruit and herbs with a big dash of vanilla.

Optimum serving temperature : 16º - 18ºC
Alcohol Content : 14 %
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