On Sundays we do “business”: Mrs Hayashi from the Kunimare Sake Brewery from Hokkaido is visiting Ibiza with our Sake Agent Emiri, and since we are closed on Sundays, we’re having a Sunday late lunch at home, in the great company of Luca and Andrea, the head chefs of Coricancha, and the ever so lovely Bruna, to taste Kunimare’s new sakes. Kampai guys! @vinoycoibiza @sakeandco @emeraldcity1021 #kunimare #sake #saketasting #sakelovers #hokkaidosake #kunimareshuzo #sundays #latelunch #earlydinner

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2017-08-02T17:26:22+02:00February 26th, 2017|Blog, Instagram|
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